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Monday, November 4, 2013

Tips and tricks for a Healthy Laptop Usage- Part 8

  • React to spills immediately — Water is not your computer's friend. Try using the ole rice method to bring your laptop back to life after a spill: take out the battery, dry off the laptop as much as you can, and pop the whole thing in a bag of rice. I've heard it works wonders! 

  • Keep it out of the trunk in all climates — Just like liquid, heat, cold, and your laptop are not good bedfellows. Not only do hot and freezing temps suck the life out of your battery, but they also cause damage to your internal components. Your hard drive can expand and fail in the heat and freeze in the cold if left unattended. However, if you absolutely must leave your laptop in your car in freezing temps, wrap it up in layers — like a jacket or sweater — to keep it warm. 

  • Use Materials that are LCD cleaning Approved- You can't use just any old household cleaner to spruce up your delicate laptop screen and body — stay away from any all-purpose household cleaners and anything containing acetone, ammonia, or alcohol, which will strip away your LCD's protective coating. Use a soft cloth (like a microfiber) to wipe down your monitor and screen, steering clear of paper or bath towels, which will cause scratching. If a dry wipe down won't cut it, try using distilled water, or a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and distilled water, and use light, rapid circular movements to help reduce streaking.

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