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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Extremely Sorry Guys

I am extremely sorry guys, i haven't blogged or vlogged in over 2 months. But i was extremely busy as i have completed my studies, and i was busy in making my showreel(see here), and finding a job etc. so hopefully i will be back on the 1st of Jan 2015, with new videos.

Till then enjoy my previous posts, and happy Christmas, happy hannukah, happy holidays, happy new year 

Monday, December 1, 2014

How to Convert Big Size Video to Small Size MKV- Part 2

11. Picture->Anamorhpic->Loose
 12. Video->Codec->H.264(x264), FPS->Same As Source->RF Encode Mode->26

13. Audio->Remove(Twice), Add Track, Source->Automatic, Vorbis, Bitrate-40

14. Advanced->Reference Frame-5,Max BFrames-5, Motion Estimation-Uneven….,Subpixel-7,Deblocking-1&2,Adaptive-0.6,Psycovisual-0.4

15. Add Preset and give a custom name

16. Click on the preset and click Start
17. It will take time to encode depending on your Computer speeds

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