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Monday, November 4, 2013

Tips and tricks for a Healthy Laptop Usage- Part 7

  • Clean it up — Giving your laptop (or desktop) a thorough cleaning is essential to extending its life. Back up any data you may already have stored (on an external hard drive or a portable flash drive), organize your desktop icons, empty your computer's trash on a regular basis, and clear out any programs you don't use. This will help free up space and keep you on the fast track to productivity. 

  • Practice proper shutdown habits — Shutting down all open programs and putting your laptop to sleep instead of just closing the lid will help your computer stay cool and safe while in transport. But if you've had your laptop in a cold environment, let it warm up to room temps slowly before turning it on. This will keep condensation and dew at bay, which can ruin your computer's sensitive guts. 

  • Protect your investment — If you're going to be lugging a laptop around, make sure it's protected in a padded case!

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