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Monday, January 27, 2014

How to triple Boot Computer- Part 2- Mac Installation

This is part 2 of how to triple boot your computer or pc. I will install Mac onto the laptop now

Here are the steps

  • Insert the dvd into the drive and restart, it will boot osx

  • When the loader starts interrupt it by pressing f8

  • To make the dvd load properly i had to insert the following flags-"busratio=17(space)-v"without quotes
  • To see which flag u have to insert please search google
  • It might take a while to load

  • Choose the language u r familiar with i chose english

  • Click continue

  • Then click on agree
  • On the upper bar click on the last option and choose disk utility

  • I created 4 partitions 
for Mac 50 gb- osx journaled
for Win 50 gb -fat
for Ubuntu- 30 gb fat
for Common drive 370 gb fat

  • Then click apply
  • Then click on snow leopard and click customise
  • I checked 
Chameleon RC5
Graphics Enabler
Network-LAN-Attansia- L1
Wlan- Broadcom Fix(Wifi doesn't work)
Laptop & USBFix

  • To check what works for you please check on google
  • Everything works on mac except wifi on this laptop because of some drivers
  • Then the installation will take place, it may take a while
  • Let it restart itself

  • Then remove the dvd
  • It will boot to the setup and the awesome video

  • Complete the setup and you will get onto the mac's desktop if you have completed everything successfully

Video Version

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