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Monday, January 27, 2014

Technology In Sports-Part 1

Recently, a famous company that makes racing tires claimed that it has developed a new range of tires that are more resistant to heat and pressure of the F1 cars. Such is the need of technology in this day and age. Without technology, most of the obvious things in life would not have been available now-a-days. How can sports be unaffected to technology then? This article will discuss how technology is so widely used in sports

Assisting the Umpires / Referees 

 Most professional sports in the United States have long used instant replay and other high-tech aids to help referees make the right call. Gridiron has used video replay systems to check referees' calls for many years. Basketball referees use replay systems to make sure players are shooting within the time allotted by the shot clock. In international cricket, the third umpire has been used, one sitting off the ground with access to TV replays of certain situations (such as disputed catches and boundaries) to advise the central umpires. The umpires out on the field are in communication via wireless technology with the other umpire. The third umpire is also asked to adjudicate on run out decisions, which he makes without consultation with the two central umpires. One sport that has resisted the use of high-tech assistance is soccer/football. Replays could be used to decide off-side decisions, whether a ball passes over the goal line, and clarify penalty decisions.

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