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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

WWDC 2014 Full Rundown-Part 1

Here's the full rundown from the Apple's WWDC which was held on  2/6/2014

  • Apple's App Store will celebrate its 5th Birthday next year

  • 50 Billion Apps have been downloaded
  • Now Apple's App Store has 900,000 apps 
  • 375,000 apps for the iPad

  • A company called "Anki" which makes robotics use Apple's Ecosystems
  • 72 Million mac's sold uptil now
  • "Macbook is the no 1 notebook in the US"
  • 35 % of users now use Mountain Lion


  • 10th Version
  • Finder tabs now got full screen, tags,

  • Doc, and the menubar will be on both displays now
  • Mission control also supports multiple displays

  • Mavericks will reduce CPU activity upto 72%

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