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Monday, June 2, 2014

15 Tips To Extend Your Windows Based Tablet's or Laptop's Battery Life-Part 3

We use laptops and tablets all the time in our daily life, and its a bummer when the batteries die out when we are working. Here are some tips to save battery life for your Windows based tablets and laptops.

  • Make the laptop's screen dim and sleep's timer faster

  • Lower the Visual Effects- To do this click on control panel and type visual in the search box, then click on Adjust the appearence, then click on adjust for best performance

  • Turn off aero-Right click on desktop and click personalization, then to window colour then uncheck Enable Transparency

  • Disable Search indexing-Click the Start button, then click Control Panel, and type index in the top-right search box. Click Change how Windows searches. Uncheck all, then click ok

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