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Thursday, May 29, 2014

15 Tips To Extend Your Windows Based Tablet's or Laptop's Battery Life-Part 2

We use laptops and tablets all the time in our daily life, and its a bummer when the batteries die out when we are working. Here are some tips to save battery life for your Windows based tablets and laptops.

  • Disable Wifi and Bluetooth- Disable wifi and bluetooth when not in use, this will not only save your laptop from getting hacked but also save your battery. To see how to turn them off see your laptop's instruction manual.

  • Disable ScreenSaver- Screensavers use CPU which in turn use your battery. To turn off screensaver right click on desktop, then click on personalise, click screensaver and then click on to none.

  • Change power options- Change your laptop's power options to Power Saver. To do this click on the battery icon and then change the mode to Power Saver

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