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Friday, March 28, 2014

10 Cool Gadgets for Geeks-Part 3

Here is my top picks of gadgets to unleash the inner geek

  • Captain America Shield 3D Light

This is no ordinary deco light that you fix on the wall.

This is a Captain America shield light that is IN the wall (or looks like, at least).

Behind the deco lamp is a "cracked" sticker that helps make the shield look like it's gone through the wall. Cool!

  • Doctor Who: Yellow Dalek USB Desk Protector,
Okay. This is perfect for you if agree with any of the points below:

  1. You're an avid Doctor Who fan;
  2. You don't like anyone coming near your desk when you're not there;
  3. Not only do you agree with 2), you also secretly wish you could scare potential passers-by away; or You're an avid Doctor Who fan.
The Dalek features a flashing light, motion detector, and four Dalek sounds. Plug it into a USB port and the light on its head will flash and sounds will be made when motion is detected. Psst, it even features gun sound effects.

Exterminate! Exterminate!

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