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Monday, March 31, 2014

10 Cool Gadgets for Geeks-Part 4

Here is my top picks of gadgets to unleash the inner geek

  • Big Red Button
To use this, all you've to do is get angry. Really.

This comes in extremely handy when you're angry, because, not only do you get to whack the big red button, but you can also let off some steam.

Once you hit the button, you will either be taken to your favorite Web site; prompted to punch a photo; sent into a spreadsheet to make it seem like you're busy working (boss key); or have your screen covered in explosions.

Isn't this just perfect?

  • Iron Man 3 LED Light Flash Drive
You think Iron Man is really cool.
You really wish you had powers like he does.
These USB flash drives won't give you power, but they light up when plugged into computers, have a fair amount of storage space (up to 32GB), and make you look cool.
'Nuff said!

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