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Friday, March 28, 2014

10 Cool Gadgets for Geeks-Part 2

Here is my top picks of gadgets to unleash the inner geek

  • Iron Man Mark VII iPhone case
If you secretly wish you were Iron Man, you'd like this.

The Iron Man Mark VII iPhone case has a detailed sculpture of the Iron Man body and is coated with metallic-colored paint.

When you receive an incoming call, the "Arc reactor" lights up -- no additional battery is required since it is operated by iPhone's flashlight. There's also a shoulder camera cover that coolly slides open when you want to capture some action.

You can even make things more interesting by customizing your message/incoming call ring tones to suit the whole Iron Man theme.

  • Lock N' Load clock

Trouble waking up every morning? This alarm clock is going to do the trick -- and more.

The Lock N' Load doubles as an alarm clock and target range.

When the alarm goes off, the target pops up and you've to shoot it to stop the buzzing.

The set features three game modes: Quick Shot (have five perfect shots within three minutes), Time mode (see how quickly you can blast the target), and Random mode (changes the timing needed to shoot the target).

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