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Thursday, March 27, 2014

10 Cool Gadgets for Geeks-Part 1

Here is my top picks of gadgets to unleash the inner geek

  • Drivemotion

You know how sometimes you wish you could smile to the driver behind who lets you cut his lane?
Well now you can.
Drivemotion has come up with four different LED car gadgets that attach to your rear car window and allow you to communicate a series of emoticon face messages to the drivers behind you -- all you've to do is press the remote control.
You can even customize your messages with some of these LED displays, though we'd strongly recommend against using any expletives as a courtesy to other road users.

  • BeerMachine
When you and your mates are too lazy to head out for a beer, this Beer Machine will really come in handy.

This mini-microbrewery brews, ferments, carbonates, and dispenses beer. And by mini I mean it can fit in your fridge -- which is perfect since you can chill the beer you make.

At just US$99, you get the dispensing tap, pressure gauge to monitor the quality, carbonation unit and pressure relief system, and a beer mix that includes all necessary ingredients for your brew.

Now who needs a bar?

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