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Monday, October 28, 2013

Tips and tricks for a Healthy Laptop Usage- Part 1

  • Laptop unlike their name should never be rested on a person's lap, laptops are made to rest on a solid, flat surface, for good performance, and both, the person using it and the laptop's health. I bring to you more tips and tricks for a healthy laptop usage

  • Shortcuts- For ease, all programs, folder should have a shortcut on the desktop. This not only saves time, battery, energy- both the users, and the laptop's. This way you can access them quickly. If you think this will create too much clutter on your desktop. You can make a folder and put all shortcuts in it and then place the folder on the desktop
  • Boot Faster- To make the laptop boot faster, remove unwanted programs from startup. To do this ”Press Win+R, type-msconfig, and press enter”. Uncheck all programs you do not need or use at startup, like Adobe, etc. and when you are done press ok.

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