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Monday, June 3, 2013

Android Tips&Trick-Part 4

This tips and tricks is mainly for Android users which have OS V4.0 and above

16.Change keyboards To change keyboards (if you have additional keyboards installed), you can switch between them by pressing the small keyboard symbol in the top left of your screen. You will need to be in keyboard input mode (i.e. typing something) for this to work.  Note: you need to have more than one keyboard installed for this to work

17. Change quick response texts The phone has the ability to send quick response text messages if your phone is ringing but you can't answer it.  To change these, go to your Dialer App - Settings - Quick responses. You can only have 4 of them and you may need to edit existing ones.

18. Change the backlight screen timeout To change the backlight screen timeout, go to Settings - Display - Screen. Then choose the screen time out duration. You can also tell the phone screen to always stay lit when it is plugged in via USB. Go to Settings - Developer Options. Then check Stay Awake.

19. Change the screen brightness To change the screen brightness, start from the Homescreen and press Menu - Settings - Display - Brightness.  Then choose the desired brightness setting. You can also select Automatic brightness to let the phone decide for you. If you have auto-brightness enabled, you can also press, hold and slide the top notification bar left and right. The brightness will increase and decrease accordingly.

20. Check phone status and battery usage To find out information about Signal Strength, Network Information, Remaining Battery Time and Battery Usage (by Application), go to your Homescreen - Menu - Settings - About Phone.
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