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Monday, June 3, 2013

Android Tips&Trick-Part 3

This tips and tricks is mainly for Android users which have OS V4.0 and above

11.Android Easter egg There is an Easter egg hidden in the Android operating system. To see it, go to your Homescreen, then press Menu - Settings - About phone.  Then tap on the Android version option 5 times and you will get a surprise. Sometimes it doesn't work, so try a couple of times. By the way don't expect to see an actual Easter Egg. That is just the name given to things hidden inside software or operating systems.

12. Auto focus the camera When taking photos or videos, tap the screen where you want to focus on. The phone will automatically adjust the settings to improve the image or video

13.Bring up more predicted words If you have word prediction enabled while you are typing, you can long press the middle word that is suggested. This will bring up a menu allowing you to select various other suggested words.

14. Browse websites in full-screen mode If you want to browse in full screen mode, without the URL bar at the top of the browser, then you can enable this.. Open the standard browser and press Menu - Settings - Labs. Then put a check mark under Full Screen . To get access to the browser options (that are now invisible), there is now a neat hidden menu. Slide your finger in from the left or right of the screen. A circular menu will appear with various options.

15.Capture a still shot while recording video To capture a still shot while recording a video, simply tap the screen while you are recording.  This will save a still image.
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