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Friday, March 29, 2013

Mountain Lion V/S iOS6: Feature Comparison-Part 3

When Mountain Lion launched it looked a lot similar to its iOS cousin and here are the comparison between these two

5. Notes

 To be honest, i dont use that at all,because I prefer Word for my word processing.Notes has been around as long as iOS has, and it’s seen very few changes, one of the only major ones being when it got 2 new fonts to use as the default. In iOS 6, one of the only changes to it is Sharing capabilities, which actually started in iOS 5. This year though, with Mountain Lion, Apple brought iCloud to Notes. They built a Notes application for the Mac that mimics the appearance of it’s iOS siblings, and also only has the same 3 font options. However, now whenever you write a note within any of these 3 applications, it will sync across all of your devices flawlessly. It’s a tad more buggy than the previous two services, but the operating systems are both still in beta, so I expect it to get better. The only issues I have had is that they take a little longer than I would expect for them to sync, sometimes 10-15 minutes compared to the Reminders app’s 2-5 seconds. Nonetheless, it’s a great service for anyone that like to use the Notes application. Below is a screenshot of both the iPad and Mac’s Notes applications.

As the screenshots show, they are very similar looking applications. And the work the same too. All you do is type away, no real word processing options are included in either version (but that’s why it’s called Notes and not Pages). If all you do is take quick notes in something such as meetings or class, this application will be great for you. You will be able to take notes in a meeting with your iPhone or iPad and it will all be synced seamlessly with your Mac.

 6. Game Center 

Another one of the multiple applications that made the iOS to OS X jump is Game Center. Game Center, as many of you know, is Apple’s social gaming platform, where you can view your friends scores versus yours, see global scores, play multiplayer games, etc. Now with Mountain Lion, you can do all that via your Mac as well. In the WWDC Keynote, Apple did a demo of Game Center for OS X by showing how you could do multiplayer between not just iOS devices, but an iOS device and a Mac, or even two or more Macs now.

Game Center is a great service. When I have tried out its multiplayer features, it’s always very quick. You get a nice notification with a different Game Center specific jingle when friends request to play a game, and it’s very easy to jump right into the application they have requested you to play. I can definitely see myself, and others, using this feature as more developers take advantage of it.

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