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Friday, March 29, 2013

Mountain Lion V/S iOS6: Feature Comparison-Part 4

When Mountain Lion launched it looked a lot similar to its iOS cousin and here are the comparison between these two

7. Dictation 

When the new iPad shipped with only Dictation, I was disappointed. I wanted Siri. I use at now all the time for things such as Messages, Google, Reminders, and more. And with the addition of full Siri support on the new iPad, I use it even more for miscellaneous things. In OS X 10.8, Apple has brought that same Dictation to the Mac. In System Preferences there is now a “Dictation” panel where you can turn it on and set a keyboard shortcut that will activate it whenever you are in a text field. For instance, mine (and the default) is double tapping the Function key. I find this feature very useful in helping me use a feature that I don’t use much now; Notes. When on my Mac, if I need to make note of something, I simply open Notes, activate Dictation, talk away, and then that note gets synced with my iPad if I ever need it there. It may be just an overlooked gimmick for some, but I definitely see many people using it once they give it a try.

8. Social 

Social integration has become big among manufacturers of all kinds. Apple is no exception. Twitter and Facebook are both two of the largest Social Networks in the world, and Apple has gone ahead and built both in natively to iOS and OS X. In iOS, Twitter integration began last year with iOS 5, with Facebook being added on in iOS 6. Now, in Notification Center, there is both a “Tap to Tweet” and “Tap to Post” button for both the services, depending on which you have set up. In OS X, currently there is is only Twitter integration, but Apple’s site for Mountain Lion states that Facebook is “coming this fall.” It is the same as in iOS, you can share posts from Notification Center and more. In both systems, there are “Share” button spread throughout. When clicked there is a “Twitter” and “Facebook” button now (if applicable). You can share pictures, links, videos, and more. All quick, easy, and natively built in.

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