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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mountain Lion V/S iOS6: Feature Comparison-Part 5

When Mountain Lion launched it looked a lot similar to its iOS cousin and here are the comparison between these two

9. Other similarities (e.g. Launchpad, FaceTime, Spotlight, Automatic Downloads, App Store) 

There are also many little features here and there that OS X and iOS have in common. A few of the most noticeable I have listed here: Launchpad (or the iOS home screen), FaceTime, Spotlight, Automatic Downloads, and the App Stores. Launchpad was introduced in OS X Lion, and it got improved in small ways but useful ways in OS X Mountain Lion. The first new part that caught my eye was the search at the top of it, allowing you to search through all of you applications very quickly. Launchpad resembles the iOS home screen quite obviously, even going as far as having the same icon for folders and the same background for them as well. This was one of the major points that made people start noticing the similarities between OS X and iOS last year.

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