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Thursday, March 28, 2013

How to get ios6 Features in iOS 5-Part 1

iOS6 had little to impress and more to depress, but what if you want to have the best of both worlds

New Siri Features 

 Believe it or not, Siri’s new features – including the ability to take sports-related queries and local searching in newer countries – have already been implemented in one way or the other with tweaks from Cydia.

 Let’s start with sports: SiriSports tweak, free from Cydia under ModMyi, lets you make queries related to NBA, MLB and NHL from Siri. You can look up match timings, statistics and scores with phrases like Did The Giants win last night?, just like it was shown in the WWDC keynote.

Sireet, free from Cydia under ModMyi, lets you use Siri to tweet. Just saying Tweet [your actual tweet] and Siri will do the rest. Last but not least.
Those of you in unsupported countries can install International Locations for Siri ($0.99, BigBoss repo) to get local search. There are many other Siri tweaks available with go well beyond its limited built-in feature-set.

Siri for iPad 

 Siri on the iPad is something which we’ve been looking forward to, but since the launch of the iPhone 4S and iOS 5. We knew Apple would eventually bring Siri on other devices

And now, Siri has finally made its way onto the iPad with iOS 6. But there’s one problem, iOS 6’s launch is a bit far away, and only the 3rd-gen iPad is supported to work with Siri.
 Fear not, the jailbreak community has us covered with a tweak called Spire, which brings Siri to the iPad. But there’s one small catch, it doesn’t support iOS 5.1.x and will work on devices running iOS 5.0.1 or earlier, which also means that it won’t support the new 3rd-gen iPad right out of the box even if it’s jailbroken.
 The devices supported by Spire are; iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod touch and the first and second generation iPads.
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