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Monday, April 1, 2013

Mountain Lion V/S iOS6: Feature Comparison-Part 1

When Mountain Lion launched it looked a lot similar to its iOS cousin and here are the comparison between these two

1. iCloud 

Deeper iCloud integration is one of the major features of OS X 10.8 and iOS 6 both. They each feature better syncing between Macs and iOS devices, with it all feeling faster and more seamless than it did OS X 10.7 and iOS 5. Reminders, Notes, and Documents sync between each of the respective applications near instantly, with only one time set up needed for all the iCloud related services. It’s really a flawless service, only improving upon what is already in place.


 All in all, iCloud has grown leaps and bounds in terms of seamless and quick integration. When you first boot up your Mac (after buying it new or after a fresh install of OS X Mountain Lion) you are greeted by a page in which you enter your iCloud information and choose what services to activate; very similar to when you first boot up an iOS device.

2. Notification Center 

Notification Center and improved notifications are not necessarily something new in iOS 6, but they are new to OS X in Mountain Lion. With the new version of OS X, it stole a few key features that were introduced in iOS 5 last year, including Notification Center and an improved notification UI. There is now a more unified and streamlined notification UI, which is simple and elegant just as it’s iOS counterpart is. The notification rotates down in the upper right hand corner of the screen, and if you do not activate it the banner simply slides off screen to the right. To see notifications that you have waiting, you can access Notification Center either by clicking the new button located by Spotlight in the Menu bar, or if you have a trackpad you slide two fingers from the right edge of the trackpad, revealing the familiar notification interface. New in both iOS and OS X Notification Centers is a Tweet button.


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