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Thursday, January 10, 2013

How To install OSX onto your HDD-Intel+ AMD CPU

Well first of all the installation of mac onto your HDD depends onto your computer's specifications. Secondly i do not take responsibility if anything happens to your computer

The most easiest settings you can do are these

1. Download a OSX modded to run on a windows based pc atleast Snow Leopard the best ones are-10.6.6i by Hazard, iAtkos S3V2

2. I will be using 10.6.6i by Hazard for this as this is very good for modern computers

3. Keep on clicking next till you reach onto hard drive installation

4. Choose any hard drive and format it to Mac OSX Journaled

5. Choose any size you want

6.Click on Customize and click on the latest Chameleon in this case "Chameleon RC5" and kernel

7. Let it install and sooner or later you will reach your Desktop

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