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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

PS3 HDD Mounting Bracket-Unbox & Review

I recently bought the PS3 12 GB and i found that i couldn't install more than one game in the system. Then i realized the PS3 had an opening for Hard Drives, and i thought why not install a Hard Drive in the PS3. So i bought the PS3 Hard Drive Mounting Bracket, and here is its Unboxing and Review

The Bracket comes in a nice packaging, with a blue box

Inside is the manual(pretty thick)

Some Screws

And the Bracket itself

Full Unboxed

The Bracket is made by Sony, there are cheap ones available too, but i won't recommend them, as Sony makes Playstations and it would be best to install the Bracket from the company that makes the product. The bracket costed 700 Rupees(12$) buying from online, and offline might cost you 800 Rupees(13$). The price is on the heavier side.

Build quality looks good, feels sturdy.

  • 1 TB of Hard Drive can be attached to the PS3, and practically 1TB is a huge space for installing all your favourite games, videos, photos, etc
  • Some money can be saved if you buy a 12 GB PS3 and buy a 1TB Hard Drive from somewhere else and install it
  • The Bracket is quite easy to install, the installation will take just 2-5 minutes considering you are a newbie in computers, just screw in your hard drive to the bracket and another screw into the PS3
  • The build quality is good, the bracket is made from a solid piece of metal
  • Good packaging of the bracket, very well made
  • The pricing could be better, considering it is just a piece of metal, and some screws
  • The bracket is only compatible with the PS3 SuperSlim, and not with any other PS3 Models, what if a person has an older version of the PS3, and his/her bracket broke accidently. The person cannot get a new one. He/She might have to buy a second hand
  • Only a 2.5 Inch laptop Hard Drive can be installed, a normal 3.5 Inch Computer Hard Drive cannot be installed, on it
  • According to the manual the Speed must be upto 7200 RPM, or else the PS3 can heat up!! As if it doesn't heat up now Sony!!
  • The manual is very thick, i wonder how many trees they chopped up to make this manual.
  • The manual has a lot of Languages,but Hindi is missing. Considering i have bought it in India. Also no Indian languages were there in the manual.

Final Score-4/5

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