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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

WWDC 2014 Full Rundown-Part 4

Here's the full rundown from the Apple's WWDC which was held on  2/6/2014


  • 300 million users of iTunes are now on the cloud


  • iWork now is on the iCloud 
  • Pages, Numbers, Keynote all will be running on the browser
  • Looks identical to the desktop versions
  • Drag and drop to edit Office Docs
  • Can do 3D keynote animations in the browser
  • Support on Safari, IE, and Chrome too
  • Available today as a developer beta. All users later in the year.


  • Can recieve phone calls now
  • Can recieve messages now too
  • Start work on iOS device complete it on a mac
  • iOS 7 look to mac now
  • Also will launch in Fall
  • Will be free

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