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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Google I/O 2014-Part 1

Here's What was announced in Google I/O 2014

  • 1 Billion 30 Day Active Users for Android in 1 year

  • Android one-High-quality smartphones that each vendor qualifies for.
  • Those phones will have stock Android, Auto installs
  •  These phones will be updated just as frequently as Nexus and Google Play edition phones.
  • Given eg of Micromax

Android L

  • Uses Material Design
  • Very Colourfull
  • Paper looks like paper
  • More white colours used
  • More space
  • Ripple Touch Effect on Dialer
  • Notifications on the lock screen now
  • Swipe up to go to the home screen
  • Swiping left to right still dismisses those notifications on the lock screen, and a double-tap gets you straight into the relevant app.
  • Project Volta made with the goal of improving battery life.
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