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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Android Tips&Trick-Part 8

This tips and tricks is mainly for Android users which have OS V4.0 and above

Make your phone run faster 
Here are the top 5 tips to make your phone run faster: 

1) Use only essential widgets on your homescreen - each widget consumes memory and processing power which can slow your down your phone. 

 2) Uninstall apps that you don't use - after awhile your phone can get cluttered as some Apps are designed to always run in the background. If you rarely use an App, then uninstall it to free up memory and CPU resource. 

 3) Install Apps to your phone memory - if you have an SDCard, always install Apps to the phone memory, which can be accessed faster. If you have Apps on the SDCard, then move them back to the phone memory with an App called Move2SD available from the Play Market. 

 4) Use Static rather than Live wallpapers - Live wallpapers consume processing power and memory. Unless you really must have them, uninstall them. 

 5) Kill tasks occasionally - Some Apps will run in the background indefinitely unless you kill them. Most of them won't cause a problem, but it pays to check your running tasks from time to time. Hold down your Home key and check the Task Manager. 

 One last thing: Don't use Task Killers. Android manages tasks very well and Task Killers just make your phone unstable and can slow it down further
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