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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Most Expensive Comic Books-Part 3

Who is not a comic book fan?? Everyone wants to own one So what is the most valuable comic book? I conducted some research and came up with the following list.

#6: Flash Comics #1 Highest Previous Sale: $450,000 Current Auction Estimate: $385,000

Why It’s Valuable: Featured the debuts of Flash and Hawkman. While Superman and Batman clearly touched off the superhero revolution in American comics, The Flash is arguably the clearest early example of American comics lifting from Greek and Roman mythology–something that later became so common many scholars, critics and comics professionals will still refer to comics as modern American mythology. It’s also worth noting that Jay Garrick, the Flash of the Golden Age, was the first character to disappear from the public consciousness, and then reappear within the pages of his successor’s popular Silver Age comics. This opened the gate to DC Comics’ multiverse, a story tool that became so popular it will appear again, even in the context of the New 52 relaunch, when Garrick and his Justice Society cohorts reappear in 2012.

#5: Batman #1 Highest Previous Sale: $315,000 Current Auction Estimate: $400,000 

Why It’s Valuable: Even though Batman was featured in Detective Comics, this 1940 issue was his first on his own. Since the Superman and Batman titles have historically been immune to renumberings and reboots, the series was one of the longest-running ongoing monthly titles in American comics, running from this 1940 issue until it was wrapped up in August of 2011 to make way for the New 52. It also featured one of the earliest appearances of Robin, who not only has become an inseparable part of the Batman mythology in his own rite but also kicked off the “kid sidekick” trend that would give birth to characters like Sandy, Bucky, Speedy and more. The cover is one of the most enduring images in Batman’s publishing history and, to people outside of comics, both the title and the image are probably more recognizable than Batman’s true first appearance.

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