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Monday, April 8, 2013

The Most Expensive Comic Books-Part 2

Who is not a comic book fan?? Everyone wants to own one So what is the most valuable comic book? I conducted some research and came up with the following list.

#8: Captain America Comics #1 Highest Previous Sale: $343,057 Current Auction Estimate: $350,000 

Why It’s Valuable: The debut of Captain America occurred in March 1941. It’s quite possible that the rise of The Avengers at the box office (and a solo flick for Cap himself) might help this book to continue to fetch a nice price. The character has been one of the most iconic in the history of American comic books, and even when superheroes fell out of favor, it was hard to take a poke at a character who was–literally!–draped in the flag. He’s also one of the first Timely/Marvel characters co-created by the legendary Jack Kirby, who years later would go on to develop dozens of characters for Marvel and dozens more for DC, many of whom are still widely used today

#7: Marvel Comics #1 Highest Previous Sale: $367,000 Current Auction Estimate: $375,000 

Why It’s Valuable: Published in 1939, this issue featured the debut of The Human Torch. It also launched a heck of a franchise. When this comic was published in 1939, the company was called Timely. It went through a number of name changes and format tweaks over the years, until Stan Lee grabbed the name of this book and settled on it as the name for the reinvented company around the same time as Fantastic Four #1 was published and the company became a true comics juggernaut. The Human Torch, dramatically different, was the only character from this book to make the jump to the Fantastic Four, although it also introduced characters with familiar names like The Angel and Sub-Mariner.

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