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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tips for your ICS Android Phone

  1. Avoid task killers:It is best to avoid task killers such as Advanced Task Killer. Android is designed to automatically pre-load certain applications, even if you don't load them yourself. If it starts to run low on memory, it will smartly unload the oldest running apps automatically.
  2. Bookmark a contact on your homescreen:To bookmark a contact on your homescreen, long press on the home screen background and select Shortcuts. Then select Direct dial.
  3. Access the scientific calculator:To access the scientific calculator, rotate the phone to landscape mode. The calculator will change to a scientific one
  4. Android Easter egg:There is an Easter egg hidden in the Android operating system. To see it, go to your Homescreen, then press Menu - Settings - About phone. Then tap on the Android version option 5 times and you will get a surprise.Sometimes it doesn't work, so try a couple of times. By the way don't expect to see an actual Easter Egg. That is just the name given to things hidden inside software or operating systems.
  5. Browse websites in full-screen mode:If you want to browse in full screen mode, without the URL bar at the top of the browser, then you can enable this.Open the standard browser and press Menu - Settings - Labs. Then put a check mark under Full Screen .
  6. Check phone status and battery usage
    To find out information about Signal Strength, Network Information, Remaining Battery Time and Battery Usage (by Application), go to your Homescreen - Menu - Settings - About Phone. 
  7. Check the firmware version
    To check your firmware version, start from the Homescreen and press Menu - Settings - About Phone- software versionThis should list your Android version, Build number and Model Number. 
  8. Copy files between your phone and PC using WiFi
    To copy files between your phone and PC, go to the Android Play Market and download an app called AirDroid. This is an extremely useful App that connects your phone to your PC wirelessly, allowing you to move files and many, many other things.
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