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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Microsoft's Surface Tablet/Laptop Hybrid

Microsoft yesterday unveiled a tablet/laptop hybrid they called the "Microsoft Surface Tablet". The hybrid supports a 10.6 inches. Although the prices are unknown what is known that the hybrid will come with different types of processors ranging from i5-ARM processors.  

The ARM one will have Windows RT which is a version of Win 8 on which only Metro Apps will work and it will be 9.3mm thin!!, will weigh 676 grams.It will also run a full suite of MS Office. It will also have 2 Full USB Ports

The core processor tablet will have higher resolution screen, will support all apps, including the one on full computers, bigger battery, USB 3.0 ports, Windows 8 Professional. It will be 13.5mm thick and will weigh 903 grams.

Both the tablets will have a magnesium case and will be called a "Vapor Mg" case. Both will have
an inbuilt kickstand that will allow it to put the tablet vertically for comfortable video viewing.
Microsoft has also like Apple has made a special covers for its tablet. One has a touch keyboard and other has a physical keyboard.

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