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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Google Search Tips & Tricks

Everyone uses Google for searches but here are top 5 tips and tricks you can use for supercharge your Google searches

1. If you need to search a specific word or a phrase you can use double quotes and Google with its xray vision will search every webpage with that exact phrase or word a single site- to search a specific site you can do this go to Google search and type android, and Google will search the specific word used in that specific website

3.Let Google be your maths teacher-if you are like me who hate maths and is horrible in it and for your 2+2= 22 then you need to use Google, try this for eg type in the search box 2+2 and u'll get the answer hmm did u know 2+2 is 4??

4.if you are using Google chrome much like Google's android you can use your voice(you can use someone else's voice too) to search on your desktop or PC just connect a microphone and tap the mic icon and ask your query

5.Let google be your time keeper-if your cousin lives in another timezone and you are always wondering what time is it there, then just type time followed by the city where you want to see the time of,

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