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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Different type of memory cards

There is a whole lot of memory card available in the market, and obviously you are bound to get confused here is a list of all the memory cards in the market, what it looks like

Compact Flash-Mostly used in DSLR cameras

SD Flash-Used in Digital Cameras,Camcorders, PMP's

Mini SD-The rarest of the rare type because of its short lived life, was used in PMP, and some mobile phones

Micro SD-The smallest of memory cards available in the market, used in phones,gaming consoles, PMP, digital cameras

M2(Memory Stick Micro)-Looks a lot like Micro SD, used in mobile phones and PMP

Sony Memory Stick-Used in old camera's and camcorders. If you use any gadget that uses this mem card GET A NEW GADGET!!!

Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo- Huff Puff!!! that's a mouthfull. It is a newer standard by Sony. Used in camcorders, and gaming consoles like in PSP

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