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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What to look in a Gadget

What to ask the retailer
What you need to know
Tv Tuner Cards
·         Which TV it will connect to
·         What codec’s it supports
·         What OS’es it supports
·         Video Inputs and Outputs
·         It should connect to old CRT and LCD TV’s
·         It should support the codec’s that you use frequently
·         It should support Win XP forward and should be Mac, Linux compatible
·         It should have HDMI,S-Video ports i.e. red, white, yellow ports
Keyboard and Mice
·         Interface(Port)
·         Form Factor
·         Extra Keys
·         Range(For wireless)
·         The port should be USB
·         The keyboard, mice should be comfortable
·         Some retailers put extra keys for extensive usage
·         Find the keyboard, mice which has maximum range

·         Audio Standard
·         Inputs/Outputs
·         Sampling Frequency
·         SNR
·         Dolby Digital
·         3.5 mm
·         24Bit/96Kh
·         Over 100 dBA
·         Power Rating
·         System
·         Atleast 2 Star Rating/or PMPO
·         For a more realistic movie pleasure atleast 3.1 channel  output
LCD/LED Monitors
·         Screen Size
·         Max Resolution and refresh rate

·         Largest you can afford
·         The maximum you can find

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