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Thursday, April 17, 2014

T-Mobile’s CEO Shows Off Gold-Plated HTC One M8

 T-Mobile’s CEO, John Legere, managed to get his hands on one of the units which he states is courtesy of HTC. The CEO recently took to Twitter to show off his latest handset.
According to Legere, “Just call me #goldfinger! Check out the 24kt #HTCOneM8 the peeps at @HTCUSA sent me! This thing is awesome! #HTCOneUp”. Unfortunately the photo does not show off just how shiny and awesome the phone might look had we seen it in real life, but you can bet that we are a little bit jealous.
This is not the first time that HTC has created a gold-plated smartphone. They gave 2013’s HTC One the same gold-plated treatment and we have also seen how other companies have plated other phones in gold and sold off as luxury products. While some might feel that the gold finish is a bit gaudy, there are those who love it, as evidenced in China where the gold version of the iPhone (not real gold, FYI) proved to be quite a hit amongst customers.
However apart from the gold-plating, the innards of the HTC One M8 will remain the same as its regular counterpart. No word on how much HTC plans on asking for the gold-plated HTC One M8, but with the previous model cost over $2,000, we’d expect this particular model to retail around that price as well. The price we have to pay for vanity.
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