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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Get Dual Screen Apps on Apple TV

Apple's products has always shared the limelight with Jailbreaks and hacks etc.Today i bring to you an important hack for the Apple TV, through which you can enjoy dual screen experience.
Although Apple already allows developers to create dual-screen apps, the whole process is going to become a whole lot easier with an updated version of Brightcove’s App Cloud Software Development Kit (SDK).

App Cloud has been in the market for over a year. It allows developers to easily create apps for iOS and Android with minimal coding and without having to learn platform-specific languages like Objective-C.

The new version of App Cloud comes with an important new feature called Dual Screen Solution for Apple TV. These are a bunch of APIs that enable developers to create dual-screen apps for Apple TV that enhance your home entertainment experience.

Jeremy Allaire, CEO Brightcove, demoed a fictional app called Vido which lets users use their iPad for navigating and searching while whatever video is playing is up on the Apple TV.
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