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Monday, March 24, 2014

A Glimpse Of the Future-Part 1

Let me take you into a not so distant future!!


You are in your car you receive a message onto your phone from your wife, the car's AI system reads it aloud for you after detecting that there is no one in the car except you. You wife tells you to bring some groceries from the store.

Your car's AI system detects words BUY, SUGAR, GROCERIES, and charts a route to the nearest and cheapest supermarket, where all the items you need are available


 After you have picked everything you need. Your total is beamed upto your smartwatch, after the smartwatch detects that is the person wearing the watch is you- the watch asks if you want to transfer the money to the supermarket. After you nod to a yes, the money is transferred to the market's account safely, securely, and wirelessly

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