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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Windows Phone 8.1 Features list leaked

A few days earlier some Windows Phone 8.1 Features list was leaked on the internet and here i bring it to you

  • Update apps automatically
  • Double-tap to unlock
  • Double-tap to power off, 
  • Ability to change the default SMS app and Quiet Hours, which is a sort of "Do Not Disturb" mode that will prevent notifications from appearing for a set period of time.  
  • Sharing secure WI-Fi Networks with contacts if they have Wi-Fi Sense. They don’t get to see the shared password though Social notifications will now show up in action center by swiping from the top of the screen 
  • Operators can now control data sense limits remotely 
  • Operators can also install certain applications once a SIM card is detected Along with normal updates, there are now “important” updates. 
  • Options to always download emails and pictures within them Encrypted and signed e-mail support Change default SMS app. 
  • You can also change which SMS app will show notifications.
  • Enterprise enrolled phones can have their passwords changed and remotely locked “Type as I swipe through letters”. This means we will be seeing Swype-like functionality. 
  • Geofence monitoring support. Geofence is a boundary around a place of interest to you. 
  • Location services can monitor geofences to tell your apps when you’re entering and leaving them. This would be really good for IFTTT Office Lens support: 
  • “Download the Office Lens which scans whiteboards and documents directly in the camera as a Windows Phone Lens
  • .The Office Lens lets you scan whiteboards, documents, and more with your phone’s camera, then optimizes the images so they’re clear and easy to read in your notes.” 
  • The phone will have to update to the latest version before you can restore it to factory settings 
  • Option to update store apps automatically
  •  Option to update store apps when only on Wi-Fi App
  •  Suggestions by location Manual App Update checks Video Calling Support? I don’t know if we will be given choices of which VOIP provider to use. Maybe Skype video calling will be built-in? 
  • Password protected Office document support Trusted app list for NFC that will remove the need for asking whether you want to open a particular app. In-call speech commands. 
  • You’ll be able to say “Call XXXXXX”. 
  • Double-Tap to unlock your phone Lock Notification Quiet Hours Double Tap to Power Off 
  • Notification if charger isn’t of adequate power Screenshot button combination is now Power + Volume Up (Since the newer phones will have the start button on screen) 
  • Chkdsk for SD Cards essentially Apps on SD Cards are only allowed from ONE originating phone. 
  • If it detects that apps from another phone are installed on the SD Card, then it will ask to delete those first 
  • Voice Narrator for Accessibility 
  • The Search button will be the new way to open Speech instead of the Start button 
  • New Email sync options with accordance to usage patterns (i.e. If you get a lot of mail on particular days and if you don’t check mail every day). 
  • Change the size and amount of tiles on your start screen. 
  • Wallet supports tickets and membership cards 
  • App Syncing Backups now include application data Screen Reader functionality 
  • Screen Recording functionality I
  • nner Circle of contacts. 
  • Up to 40 contacts can be in the inner circle. 
  • You can favorite photos by tapping a heart icon Virtual SmartCard support

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