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Monday, December 9, 2013

Microsoft Explains why they removed the Start Button on Windows 8

The start button on a Windows OS has been a fixed thing since the 1980s, but users got a shock when the saw no Start Button on Windows 8, but they got back the start button but not in the traditional sense.

Here's what Chaitanya Sareen of Microsoft had to say about all of this fiasco

With a host of samples collected from the Customer Experience Improvement Program, statistics painted an interesting picture that showed that the Start button usage was dwindling, representing a perfect time for Microsoft to explore other options that will allow them to "unlock a whole new set of scenarios". One of the other factors which led to this decision is the trending data that points to users opting to invoke applications and programs through the use of keyboard shortcuts, rather than wanting to take the time to navigate through the Start menu options and find what they want.

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