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Monday, December 2, 2013

5 Things that a PhotoGrapher Must Know

I normally dont talk about photography on this blog, because i am not a photographer myself.
But, i wanted to share some things that a photographer must know

1.CROP YOUR PHOTO- By cropping your photo you can get all the extra things out of the frame.For doing this click on the crop tool in Photoshop and adjust the frame

2.ADJUST LEVELS-Sometimes the photo you took can be a little out of natural colour. To do this press CTRL+L, in Photoshop

3.SATURATION-Sometimes the photo is not as bright as you might see on the digicam's viewfinder

4.SHARPEN- Sharpen you picture a little, but if done too much the result be a very grainy picture

5.CONVERT-Convert for the medium you will use the photograph for

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