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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October 22 Apple Event Highlights- Part 2

On October 22, Apple had the following announcements to make

  • OSX Maverics- 10.9 is going to be free of cost, See here to check whats new

  • This will work even if you're on Lion, or still running Snow Leopard, it's a single step update. 
  • Mavericks Works on 2007 iMac, MacBook Pro, 2008 MacBook Air and MacBook, and Mac
  • Available today on the mac app store link
  • Take that Windows 8.1!! oh wait that's free too
  • Slimmer, lighter Macbook Pros
  • Battery life of upto 9 Hrs.
  • Running on 4th Gen Haswell Processors
  • Comes with Thunderbolt 2, 2x Faster
  • 13" Macbook Pro starts from 1299$(80,000 Rupees- damn thats expensive)
  • With 2.4GHz i5, 4GB RAM, Iris Gfx and 128GB storage, and ships today.
  • 15" 2000$
  • New Mac Pro-1,300$
  • With Thunderbolt 2

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