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Thursday, October 3, 2013

7 Apps that look good on iOS7

Have you upgraded to the iOS7??, and need some apps that look good on you iOS7?? well here's my list

  • Infinity Blade 3-It’s a 3-D fantasy-battle game in which you fight your way through a mystical world, slashing with a sword controlled by finger swipes. The graphics are its most impressive feature. They are highly detailed and are about the same quality as graphics on a gaming PC a few years ago. Infinity Blade III’s battles are a little repetitive, but the game is remarkable enough to warrant its $7 price.

  • Aviary’s Photo Editor app-This app does photo editing probably the best any mobile app can
  • Basil- This app makes you organize your recipes 

  • Flipboard- The best news reading app
  • SkyGuide-Sky watching app
  • PocketCast 4- Podcast listening app
  • Perfect Weather

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