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Monday, September 23, 2013

Nintendo 2DS

Nintendo last week announced the new Nintendo 2DS, which is the entry level handheld gaming device. It will be available in North America for 130$ starting 12th October. This is almost the same as the 3DS but without 3D and the flip design.The 2DS will be available in UK/Europe  for £109.99 and Australia/NZ for AUD$149.95/NZD$179.95 on October 12th also.

Here are what we know about the 2DS

  • Compatible with all 3DS and DS games but does not include the ability to display games in 3D
  • It can be put to sleep using a slider that replicates closing the clamshell on a standard 3DS. 
  • WiFi can be turned off, via controls in the software rather than with a physical switch.
  • Available in red and blue models to start with  
  • Will be sold alongside the standard 3DS available for $169.99 and 3DS XL for-$199.99
  • Will include a 4GB SD card  
  • Same power source as 3DS and DSi.
  • Two cameras on the back side, 
  • AR games still function and players can still take 3D photos but they simply can’t be displayed on the 2DS, but are still viewable in full 3D if transferred to 3DS.
  • Includes one speaker, which plays mono sound, but features full stereo via its headphone jack.

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