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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Top 10 Apps You must install after rooting Android- Part 1

Here are the top 10 apps you must install after rooting your android device

  • Titanium Backup- Titanium Backup can take full backup of your device, also freeze apps etc LINK
  • SetCPU- This app is used to control you android device's processor speed LINK

  • Greenify- With this app you can detect what app is clogging your battery life and then remove it LINK

  • Font Changer- This app can change the font of your Android Device LINK

  • AdFree-Adfree may actually be the greatest root-essential app available on Android, and it's one that you never see unless it needs updating. All Adfree does is block ads, but it does it for everything on the phone LINK

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