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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

E3 2013-Part1- Sony- PS4

Every year Gaming and entertainment enthusiasts come along in Los Angeles, to celebrate the common love of entertainment. This year was a little special.
Here is my roundup of what happened this year in E3


This year PS4 by Sony finally launched overcoming the Xbox One. It came with a cheaper price tag, more flexibility.

Here are its specifications
  • All new controller
  • Online features include- Multiplayer voice chat, Video chat
  • Play the first level of the game while the second and the third are downloading
  • Price- starting from 399$(100$ less than Xbox One)
  • Internal 500 GB HDD
  • 5 Core processor 5 GB RAM
  • The ability to use games without any restrictions
  • Game lending is possible
  • No need to be always online
  • Not region locked
  • Available from November 2013
  • Online pre-orders available on Amazon
  • An app will also be launched which will enable users to play from tablets
  • A new UI, multitasking features

  • Sony to make own programs for PS4
  • To play online you might have to pay 5$ per month

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