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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Awesome Tweaks for Your iDevice-Part4

Here is a list of some awesome tweaks for your iDevice

  • 2xrm (v2.2-1) - This script removes ALL @2x.png RETINA images. This will help speed up your iPhone a little bit and even free up a little space. Place "2xrm" in "usr/bin" and give "0755" permissions. Install via Mobile Terminal: Login as root ("su" and "alpine") and run the command "2xrm" (Follow directions after) (~WARNING~ DO NOT USE WITH iPhone 4 or iPod Touch (Retina Display). It will force you to restore!) LINK: 
  • - iBook/Stanza mod. Made to make Stanza LOOK like iBooks (only makes icon look like iBooks), read HOW TO.txt LINK:
  • - Improved graphics for iOS 3 Folders. Place images in: System/Library/Core Services/ LINK:
  • - Cydia Speed up Tweak. Replaces some files (Includes new Cydia icon). Read HOW TO.txt LINK: 
  • - Unofficial Voice Control for iPhone 2G/3G. (Not the best voice control). Place in /Applications and give "0755" permissions (You might have to set recursively) LINK:
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