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Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Angry Birds Game Announced

A new Angry Birds iteration has been announced by Rovio and this time will be based on Lord Of The Rings     here is the new cover art

and here is some leaked info according to a website

The story is simple and inspired by the great novels of Tolkien. The goal is to destroy every orc in each level of Isengard & Mordor kingdoms. An Ed (it’s your slingshot, don’t get confused) will shoot your “birds” against the Orcs. If your attack is well planned and you destroy the orcs with the minimum required “birds” you’ll get a 3 star score. 3starscoring (sic) on all levels of Isengard and Mordor will unlock a new kingdom (Moria) that will be available to conquer.

 Red Bird: Frodo will be your first bird replacing the red bird of the original game. He can use his sword (Sting was its name) after completion of the entry levels.
Yellow Bird: Legolas with his impressive bow skills. He’ll be able to kill orcs in the steepest places.
Blue birds: The 3 Hobbit friends of Frodo (Merry, Pippin and Sam) will be shot as a team and the tap effect will split them.
White bird: You might already suppose who will be the white bird before my description. Yes, it’s Gandalf, the white. He carries his stick all the time, and by tapping, he’ll push everything on that tap direction, killing orcs and goblins or sending objects towards them.
 Big Brother bird: Gimli will be our bomb bird who will shake everything when he’s activated.
Black Bird: Aragorn. I haven’t come up with an idea which bird he’ll replace and what his abilities will be. So, please comment here with your suggestions!
 Not much to talk about the gameplay of Angry Birds Lord of the Rings if you have already played the Star wars edition. Legolas will help reaching orcs & goblins with his shots where your Ed won’t be able to do. The push ability of Galdalf will help you redirect catapult shots of your enemies against them.
 Acquiring stars will help you getting the Great Eagles by your side. You’ll be able to use them when you can’t pass a level or you just did everything else on the game!
 The 9 Rings of Power will be spread to the kingdoms of Isengard & Mordor and each ring’s destruction will give you a bonus level to play just like the golden eggs of the rest angry birds games.
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