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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mountain Lion V/S iOS6: Feature Comparison-Part 2

When Mountain Lion launched it looked a lot similar to its iOS cousin and here are the comparison between these two

3. Messages 

One of my personal favorites of the new features is iMessage/Messages. iMessage came with iOS 5 last year, and now Apple has brought it to OS X with Mountain Lion. Here is the situation: You are on the road or out of the house for a long amount of time, and are using your phone very heavily. By the time you get home, your phone is very low on battery, but you are having an important conversation with someone via texting/iMessage (they are also an iPhone user). So when you get home, you plug your phone in, go over to your Mac, open up Messages and continue the conversation there, never losing your place or any of the messages because they all sync via iCloud! It’s a great service. I can be having a conversation on my iPad, set it down, log on my computer and the other person will never know I switched devices, it’s that seamless.

4. Reminders 

Aside from iMessage, this is one of the fastest services that I have used in iCloud. I created a reminder using on my iPad, and no less than 2 seconds later it had already shown up in my Mac’s Reminders application. The Reminders application is new in OS X Mountain Lion, and, as you would expect, it’s near identical to the iPad and iPhone cousins. It’s a very clean, simple, and straight forward application, as it is with most things Apple. Both have all the same features, making reminders based on a time or location, marking items complete of incomplete, and more. Whatever you do on one device is seamlessly and near instantly synced with the other. It’s really great, and I find myself using it more and more as I use Mountain Lion and iOS 6.

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