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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How to get ios6 Features in iOS 5-Part 4

iOS6 had little to impress and more to depress, but what if you want to have the best of both worlds

Upload Photos from Safari

It’s not as elegantly designed as Apple’s feature in iOS 6, but it gets the job done. On sites that give you the option, Safari Upload Enabler ($1.99, BigBoss repo) will let you choose a photo/video using a file browser like on a desktop PC.

 3D Maps 

 The most anticipated and one of the crappiest and hottest features in iOS 6 has to be 3D Maps. Giving Google Maps the thumbs down in iOS 6, Apple has stepped up to the roster and implemented their very-own in-house implementation of the Maps app which sports mind-blowing 3D renders of numerous cities around the globe.

Quite unfortunately, there aren’t many apps in the App Store which provide the same results as Apple’s own implementation, but if you’re rocking an iPad then the UpNext HD Maps app is your best bet to get the same Apple-esque results. The only downside of the app is; no support for the iPhone nor the iPod touch. Google announced at the start of this month that they will be bringing a dedicated Maps app to iOS which will bring 3D maps to the masses. Or you can try Google Maps too, which wins hands down
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