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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

4 Things you did not know about ICS

ICS or Ice Cream Sandwich is the 2nd most popular Android Version till date and here are 4 Things that you might not know about ICS

1.Multi-Tasking- Tap on the Multi-tasking button(if your phone came pre-loaded with ICS), or long press Home button till you get a list of running apps. Swipe to either left or right to close them!

2.Uninstalling Apps- To uninstall apps directly from the App Drawer, long press the app and you will notice on the top it says "Uninstall". Drag the app to it and it will be uninstalled

3.Night Friendly Browser- Do you want to surf the net at night without disturbing others?. For that open the inbuilt browser. Then go to settings, Accessibility, Inverted Rendering and you are done!

4. Labs Feature- As you might know Google labs is very unique for showing things that you might be able to use in the coming years, and guess what? the pre-installed browser comes inbuilt with labs feature

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