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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Hackintosh-Part 1

Heyy Guys I just happened to make my PC into a Mac or as its widely known-Hackintosh

Part 1-PC Specifications & Problems

Before going on to how I installed a Mac into my PC here are my PC's Specifications

  • Core i5 2400- Quad Core
  • Intel Dh67BL Motherboard
  • Nvidia Geforce GT 440 Graphic Card

I faced a lot of problems while installing Mac

1.I started by installing Snow Leopard (10.6.6) on my pc which had the hated my pc, quite literally.
I could not get the audio working, the monitor's display resolution was 1024x768, and it was very bright

2. To go to Mountain Lion(10.8) i had to install 10.6.8, so i chose to install the Combo update, the combo update gave a problem and i could not open my mac!

3. Then i found a tutorial on how to install Mountain Lion from USB, but even that did not work

4. Then i saw a youtube tutorial on which i saw how to properly install ML on USB here's the trick!(For people who downloaded ML from torrent)

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