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Monday, December 3, 2012

How To Root Your HTC One V(GSM)- Part 1-Bootloader Unlock


  • If you root your device your warantee will be void
  • I am not responsible if your device goes kaput
  • Please read this tutorial very carefully and responsibly


  • HTC One V(GSM)
  • USB Cable
  • Official RUU of the Handset from here
  • HTC Sync
  • Backup Everything from your phone

 Step 1- Bootloader Unlock

  1. Go here and create an Account
  2. Download This
  3. Make a Folder in C drive as fastboot
  4. Extract the files into the fastboot folder
  5. Go here and from the drop down list select "All other supported models"
  6. Click "begin unlock bootloader"
  7. Click YES
  8. Click on the 2 check boxes & click proceed
  9. Press and hold the power button till the screen flashes a few times and powers off
  10. Hold volume Down your phone will be booted to what we call the HBOOT
  11. Controlling from Vol+/Vol- go to Fastboot
  12. With the USB cord connect your phone to the pc 
  13. Go to the folder and press Shift and right click-->Open Command Window here
  14. Type the following "fastboot oem get_identifier token"(without quotes)
  15. Copy the text in the cmd and paste in the website
  16. You will recieve an email from HTC with a file called "Unlock_code.bin"-Download that
  17. Copy paste the file to the Fastboot folder
  18. Run the following code in cmd "fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin"
  19. Press Vol+ to accept and Power to confirm

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